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Research Reports

Prof. Blanco‘s articles in new MIT book on “Rethinking Global Land Use in an Urban Era” (2014)

Chapter 14. Range of Contemporary Urban Patterns and Processes

Chapter 16. Reconceptualizing Land for Sustainable Urbanity

G. Guiliano, H. Blanco, D. Bahl. July 2013. Promoting Employment in Transit Construction Projects by Members of Minority and Low Income Communities. 250 pp. METRANS Center and Center for Sustainable Cities. Federal Transit Administration, Office of Civil Rights. FTA Research Publication, forthcoming.

Promoting Employment in Transit Construction Projects by Members of Minority and Low Income Communities. July 2013

Blanco, H. P.I., Co-PIs: J. Newell (U. Michigan); L. Stott (USC); M. Alberti (UW). 2012.Water Supply Scarcity in Southern California: Assessing Water District Level Strategies. Los Angeles, CA: Center for Sustainable Cities, Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California.
Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Context and Research Objectives

Chapter 2. Water Governance in Southern California

Chapter 3. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Chapter 4. Cucamonga Valley Water District

Chapter 5. Huntington Beach

Chapter 6. Comparison of Case Studies and Cross-Cutting Issues

Chapter 7. Water Conservation: Cost-effectiveness

Chapter 8. The Future Potential for Water Conservation

Chapter 9. The Energy and Emissions Intensity of Urban Water Supply Sources in Two Southern California Water Districts

Chapter 10. Climate Change and California’s Water Challenges

Chapter 11. Scenario Planning

Chapter 12. Water Futures Scenario Workshops

Chapter 13. Recommendations

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Vos, R. and J. Newell. 2009. A Comparative Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Coated Paper Production: Key Differences between China and the U.S. Los Angeles, CA: USC Center for Sustainable Cities. 51 pages.

Journal Publications

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Other Publications

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Elgar Publishing, Ltd.

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