USC Center for Sustainable Cities

Improving cities through research, education, and community outreach

Affiliated Faculty

  • Tridib Banerjee, Policy, Planning, and Development
  • J.P. Bardet, Engineering
  • Mark Bernstein, Political Science
  • Meredith Franklin, Preventive Medicine
  • Genevieve Giuliano ,Policy, Planning, and Development
  • Phyllis Grifman, Sea Grant, College
  • Juliette Hart, Sea Grant, College
  • Daniel Mazmanian, Policy, Planning and Deveopment
  • Najmedin Meshkati, Civil/Environmental/ Industrial and Systems engineering
  • Juliet Musso, Policy, Planning and Development
  • Dowell Myers, Policy, Planning, and Development
  • Douglas Noble, Architecture
  • Jeffrey Nugent, Economics
  • Konstantimos Psounis, Engineering
  • Mansour Rahimi, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Peter Robertson, Policy, Planning and Development
  • Adam Rose, Policy, Planning, and Development
  • Jonathan Samet, Preventive Medicine
  • Lisa Schweitzer, Policy, Planning and Development
  • Jeffrey Sellers, Political Science
  • Constantinos Sioutas, Engineering
  • David Sloane, Policy, Planning, and Development
  • Shui Yan Tang, Policy, Planning, and Development
  • John Wilson, Geography
  • Heather Wipfli, Preventive Medicine