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Completed Research Projects

PI Title Funding
H. Blanco
(Co-PI: E. Maggioni)
 Towards a Groundwater Strategy for Southern California Haynes Foundation $225,000, 2013-2016
H. Blanco
Co-PI (P.I.: G. Guiliano, Co-PI: D. Bahl)
Promoting Employment in Transit Construction Projects by Members of Minority and Low Income Communities. 2008-2013. Office of Civil Rights, Federal Transit Administration. $1M 2008-2013
H. Blanco Institutional Constraints and Options for California’s Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Bedrosian Center. 2012-2013. $10,000.
G. Giuliano
(Co-PI: H. Blanco)
Initiative on Cities and Climate Change HSBC $260,000 2010-2013
Den Wei Economic Impact Analysis of Sea Level Rise for the City of Los Angeles USC Sea Grant. February 2012-January 2013. $11,460
Den Wei
Co- Investigator
Total Regional Economic Losses from Water Supply Disruptions: Analysis for Los Angeles County Woodbury University (coordinating funding from LADWP, MWD and other local water agencies). May 2012-August 2012. $52,404
Den Wei
Macroeconomic Impacts of Climate Action Planning CCS. July 2011-June 2012. $89,500
H. Blanco
(Co-PIs: J. Newell, L. Stott, M. Alberti)
Water Scarcity in Southern California Haynes Foundation $217,000