USC Center for Sustainable Cities

Improving cities through research, education, and community outreach

Related Organizations

USC Office of Sustainability

The USC Office of Sustainability serves the university of Southern California and the greater community by helping to institutionalize sustainability throughout the university. The office works in teams with operations units; students; faculty and school leaders; community and city leaders, and the private sector to help develop lasting solutions for some of USC’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.
The projects that the office has worked on include community garden program, recycling programs, green office certification program, LEED green building certifications, energy reduction competitions, and online greenhouse gas dashboards for buildings.

PERE Program for Environmental and Regional Equity

Established in 2007, PERE conducts research and facilitates discussions on issues of environmental justice, regional inclusion, and immigrant integration. In general, PERE seeks and supports direct collaborations with community-based organizations in research and other activities, trying to forge a new model of how university and community can work together for the common good.

USC Energy Institute

The USC Energy Institute (USCEI) is a university-wide integrated research endeavor that facilitates a dialogue among researchers and enables research teams to inform stakeholders and decision-makers about conventional and alternative fuels, energy efficiency, the impacts of climate change and pollution, and the economic and policy implications of the transition to a new energy paradigm over the next decade.

USC Spatial Sciences Institute

The USC Spatial Sciences Institutes develops tools for spatial analysis and supports, staff, and students across the university to explore, analyze and visualize the topics and subject-matter that characterizes their fields with the help of a spatial lens.

USC Center for Megacities

The Center on Megacities seeks to develop innovative solutions for megacities through interdisciplinary expertise in science and engineering, including civil and environmental engineering, information technology, architecture, economics, social science, policy and planning, complex systems science, biological science, and atmospheric science.

USC Environmental Health Sciences Center

The Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center was established in 1996 to promote environmental health research in Southern California. The Center aims to more fully characterize environmental health hazards, understand the basis for personal vulnerability, and translate research into preventive action to reduce the burden of environmentally-related diseases.